Best Trunks for Summer Camp

Posted by Administrator on 3/19/2015 to Camp Trunks
Many summer camps require trunks to be at least 15.5 inches in height or less. Obviously, it is always best to check with your child's summer camp before investing in a trunk. With that being said here are a few trunks we recommend at The Trunk Store for summer camp usage. Keep in mind that all of these trunks should fit under most standard camp beds.

Armor Finish Trunks

  • Rhino Armor Trunk Small
  • Rhino Armor Trunk Large
  • Rhino Armor Trunk XL

Sticker Finish Trunks

  • Rhino Sticker Trunk Small
  • Rhino Sticker Trunk Large
  • Rhino Sticker Trunk XL

Steel Finish Trunks

  • Stanley Case Works Small Steel Trunk
  • Stanley Case Works Large Steel Trunk

ATA Cases (meets airline baggage requirements)

Although, these ATA cases (trunks and footlockers) are built to meet standard airline baggage requirements such as size, recessed wheels, and recessed hardware, the manufacturer recommends wrapping these trunks to prevent damage by the airline carrier.

  • Kangaroo Cases Large Safari Trunk
  • Kangaroo Cases Large Erase Case

Shippable Trunks

Keep in mind that the above mentioned trunks cannot be used as shipping containers on commercial carriers without being properly packaged and insured. If your camper needs a shippable trunk then we recommend:

  • Rhino Small Indestructo Trunk
  • Rhino Large Indestructo Trunk.

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