Stanley Case Works Large Pink Steel Storage Trunk
Stanley Case Works Large Pink Steel Storage Trunk

Stanley Case Works Large Pink Steel Storage Trunk

Item ID: SCW-L-S-PK  Origin: Made in the USA / American Made

Overall Size: 32" L x 18" W x 14" H

Product Summary: For those who like the nostalgia of a retro steel storage trunk, this roomy large pink trunk by Stanley Case Works is one of the best we've found on the market. This American made steel storage trunk is ideal for anyone to use at home, work, college, camp, or boarding school as secure storage. It’s height makes it ideal as an underbed storage trunk. Made of durable environmentally friendly and recyclable steel laminated over 3/8" Birch Hardwood Plywood, this trunk can be customized with an optional engraved nameplate, permanently affixed wheels, hardwood tray, cedar interior, and wordlock. Includes manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty.

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Stanley Case Works Large Pink Steel Storage Trunk

This American Made large pink steel storage trunk by Stanley Case Works can be used as secure storage anywhere from home, summer camp, college, boarding school, or work. It's height makes it the ideal underbed storage trunk (fits under most standard beds but measure first). Made of durable environmentally friendly and recyclable steel laminated over 3/8" Birch Hardwood Plywood, these durable lockable storage trunks will withstand the test of time and Stanley Case Works proves it with their industry leading lifetime limited warranty. Customize your large steel trunk with an engraved nameplate, permanently affixed wheels, hardwood tray, cedar interior, or wordlock.

Large Pink Steel Storage Trunk Features:

  • Ideal Size for Use as Secure Storage (fits under most standard beds but measure first)
  • Durable Steel Sheathing Over Birch Plywood Construction
  • Protective Baked On Enamel Finish with Triple Coat of Polyurethane
  • Interior and Frame Made of 3/8" Premium Birch Plywood for Structural Integrity
  • Assembled Using Nickel Plated Split Rivets, Ensures Durability
  • Heavy Duty Hardware Including Proprietary Nickel Plated Steel Latches, Hinges, and Lid Stay
  • Lid Stay Keeps Lid Propped Open
  • Tight Fitting Steel Tongue and Groove Lid Keeps Out Moisture, Dirt, Insects, and Odors, etc.
  • Comfortable Genuine Leather Handles
  • Keyed Lock Includes 2 Keys
  • Built-in Loop On Latch Accepts Optional Wordlock for Increased Security
  • Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly Made in the USA by Stanley Case Works

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Exterior: 32" L x 18" W x 14" H
  • Interior: 31.25" L x 17.25" W x 13.25" H
  • Storage Trunk Capacity: 4.13 Cubic Feet
  • Weight: 31 lbs

Available Options:

  • Non-Aromatic Cedar Lined Interior (Increases Production Time 2 Weeks)
  • Birch or Cedar Hardwood Tray
  • Permanently Affixed Wheels (Two low profile, high impact, shock resistant, smooth rolling, ABS ball bearing wheels are permanently affixed with split rivets. Two stabilizing ABS stabilizing studs are mounted to the opposite end to keep the trunk level. The trunk is raised by 1.75" off of the floor.)
  • Black, Silver, Pink, or Red Wordlock
  • Engraved Nameplate (Includes 1" x 3" Plate with Self Adhesive Backing and One or Two Lines of Text)

Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty Information:

Free non-cosmetic repairs for the life of the trunk. While this trunk is durable and ideal to haul and secure items, it should not be used as a shipping container on airlines or commercial carriers; doing so will void the warranty. For those who require an Airline Travel Trunk or Shipping Container shop Shipping Container Trunks.

Environmental Information:

According to the World Steel Organization, steel is very friendly to the environment. It is completely recyclable, possesses great durability, and, compared to other materials, requires relatively low amounts of energy to produce. Today's new innovative lightweight steel construction helps to save energy and resources in the world we live, making steel a worthy investment.

It's also important to note that Stanley Case Works manufactures their trunks in compliance with current US and CARB formaldehyde emission standards. According to Wikipedia, the stated goals of CARB include attaining and maintaining healthy air quality; protecting the public from exposure to toxic air contaminants; and providing innovative approaches for complying with air pollution rules and regulations.

Important Information Regarding Steel Trunk Maintenance:

Stanley Case Works steel trunks have a baked on enamel finish with a triple coat of polyurethane to make them scratch and rust resistant. However, it is important to note that they can still scratch; and, if exposed to prolonged moisture, can rust... so it's best to touch them up and keep them dry.

Color Variations:

At, we do our best to display product images with the most accurate color possible for our shoppers. However, due to differences in computer monitors, variations in color may occur between the actual product and your screen.

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