About Us

The Trunk Store (www.thetrunkstore.com) is an online store, e-tailer, created, owned, and operated by DormSmart.com, L.L.C. Our goal is simple... to provide all shoppers with the best quality trunks and footlockers at a reasonable price; trunks that can withstand the test of time: 
  • Providing secure storage for precious heirlooms such as a wedding gown;
  • Creating a safe haven for a child's favorite toys;
  • Providing additional storage in a college or boarding school student's tiny dorm room while being strong enough to multipurpose as additional dorm room furniture (i.e. seating or a table);
  • Protecting the personal belongings of our beloved military personnel while deployed;Safely stowing away camper supplies at summer camp; or
  • Providing the right ambience for a wedding planner or photographer's clientele...
Our quality handcrafted and American made storage trunks are perfect for everyone and their uses are numerous. 

If you are shopping for the perfect gift for that special someone, look no further! Our trunks make the perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries... every occasion. Even better, they are built to last a lifetime of memories to pass on to future generations, making them a wise investment emotionally and financially.

At The Trunk Store, we know trunks and we love talking about them! Feel free to call us at 1-877-616-3676 with any questions or concerns, we are here to make your shopping experience go smoothly.

Thanks for shopping at The Trunk Store!
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